MU Online was created in December 2001 by the Korean gaming company Webzen. Like most MMORPGs, players have to create a character among seven different classes and to set their foot on the MU Continent. In order to gain experience and thus to level up, a players needs to fight monsters (mobs). MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems, to frightening ones such as the Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. For more information regarding monster types and descriptions, refer to the Official Global MU Online's Webpage.
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Great News




(On first Game Run press Setting on Launcher and select server!)



  • Fixed CryWolf event improper event timing resulting
  • Fixed mining special prize notice not displaying properly
  • Fixed Chaos Box success rate of wings level 1
  • Fixed bleeding in town after being hit by certain level of Death Stab skill
  • Fixed stun effect being applied imperoperly after usage of Death Stab Mastery
  • Fixed Death Stab skill allow to hit in non-pvp maps
  • Fixed Last Man Standing Event may last forever in certain scenario
  • Fixed Blood Castle Monsters spawn issue

Feel The FEAR In The Air?



Can You Feel The FEAR In The Air?

The GOOD news is - Arena is OPEN, the BAD news is - Arena are occupied by strong Bosses!

We always focuses on how to make the game experience to be much more social. 

In order to make that we had to go one step ahead with the PVM Experience.
So we would like to present to you: Arena Bosses Event.

Note: Some bosses possible too strong for You!


So what is it?

Arena map has 5 special respawn spots, mainly for Arena Bosses Event.
The first one and the easier is the Death King Boss, located in the Arena (not in cages).
The first one and the easier is the Erohim Boss, located in the Arena (not in cages).
The first one and the easier is the Selupan Boss, located in the Arena (not in cages).
The first one and the easier is the Kundun Uber Boss, located in the Arena (not in cages).
The second and the strongest is the Medusa Uber Boss, located in the Arena (not in cages).
Spawn of the Bosses occurs 5 times a day for each boss on a specific time (server times GMT+2).


10:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30, 22:30

If the Boss is not killed until next spawn time then Boss is re-spawn.

Global notification will appear when a boss is appeared and defeated.
Keep in mind that these two bosses are very strong, and in most of the cases you wouldn't be able to face against them alone.



From +6 nonEXE and Jewels till, High Quality EXE or Ancient Set Items

Note: Rewards possible changed during server development.

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