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Featured Webzen Bonus And Big Events Are Coming!

Dear players!
thanks for being part of the MuWar community!
Today we have some good news :)
from 24-09-2017 until 01-10-2017 you get 100%! more webzen for all donations!

between the date 24-09-2017 until 01-10-2017 there will also be random events throughout the days this means that GM's
or I will come on (any time of the day but mainly after 18:00 server time to hold some nice events)

[VIP event] these events will give players VIP days without webzen reward
[Webzen event] these events will give players webzen as a reward without VIP days.
[items event] yeah that's right! be awarded +0+all items or wings of any kind!

sorry about my inactivity but private life goes before the game :)
but do expect more things to come!

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